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Why Is Sex Good For The Body

August 18, 2019 By Verlie

Sex is one of the best feelings that a human can feel. It grants us a level of intimacy with another human, that no other act can even compare to it. It is also a great feeling to be one with someone that you love and care about so much. Sexual intercourse can happen for two reasons, one being, for conceiving babies and two, for pleasure. Sex stimulates the nerve endings in our private regions and also all other kinds of nerves all over the body and this ends up being amazingly pleasurable to both the parties. Therefore, since sex is so “fun” our planet is soon going to be facing overpopulation issues, just like so many countries like India and China are already facing. But, sex is fun indeed when you use the right kind of contraceptives if you do not want to conceive a baby. In this article, I will talk about why and how sex is actually good for you.

  • It prompts a feeling of safeness and pleasure as no other bodily function can. It also makes you very satisfied and gives you a happy feeling.
  • It energises you and gives you a jolt to carry on with your day’s work.
  • It can be considered a great workout. Sex involves a lot of physical activity and therefore can be considered as good as a workout. It burns active calories and you will sweat out a lot in the process. It certainly cannot be a substitute to a great cardio workout but can surely be a good way to start the day and even end the day.
  • Sex will also prompt you to take a shower.
  • Sex is actually great for your heart. In the act, your heart rate is elevated and when your heart rate elevates, it is great for the circulation of blood properly throughout your body. And therefore it is considered great for your heart.
  • Sex has been known to reduce stress, completely rule out depression and even help with some kinds of mental issues. It has these capabilities because it involves being close with someone who you are attracted to and that has been proven a great way to resolve some issues.
  • A good sex life will tip your estrogen and testosterone levels to balance and even increase them in some cases.
  • A good sex life has been known to help your immune system greatly. A good immune system means you are invulnerable to certain common infections and diseases that most people face.
  • Sex has been known to greatly boost your libido. Whether you want to or not, you will certainly feel like having sexual experiences regularly and that is good for you because experiencing orgasms have been known to be great for your prostrate.